Thursday, September 18, 2014

InfraWorks Book Datasets are Available Through InfraWorks 360

The datasets for the InfraWorks Essentials book and all three of the module books (Roads, Bridges, and Drainage) are now available via InfraWorks 360. To gain access to this data you will have to be invited to the InfraWorks 360 group. To receive your invitation simply send an e-mail to the address in the front of the book under the "About the Author" or "How to Contact the Author" sections within the book's introduction. Be sure to include the e-mail address that is associated with your Autodesk account.

Why would you want to do this? Because InfraWorks 360 is optimized for transferring data to and from the cloud so the download is lightning fast compared to what you may have experienced while downloading from the Wiley site. Also, it gives you an opportunity to exercise your InfraWorks 360 muscles - logging in to the service, downloading a model, etc. 


  1. Hello, Eric, is that the roadway, bridge and drainage design modules only exist in the infraworks 360 version? Thank you~

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  3. San Francisco City model mentioned in Chapter 01 cannot open in my computers. Anyone would like to comment on the reason? Thanks.

    1. The latest update of InfraWorks has a problem opening that particular model. I've addressed it and provided a new file to Wiley. Until they get it uploaded to the book's website, you can get it here:

  4. Eric,

    I am currently following your "Infraworks for Site Projects" tutorial. On page '2' two, Step 7 when you want me to access the data folder, first off, where do I get the file "imgn38w078_13.img" from if I have no data folder setup. I've never done a model in infraworks and I am a newbie. Can you please help me?!

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