Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Hey InfraWorks - Where Are My Tooltips?

I had seen the tooltip property for lots of InfraWorks objects but always thought it was just a functionless placeholder that only worked for points of interest.  Thanks to Angel Espinoza, I was taught that all one has to do is exit Edit Mode to see the tooltips in all their glory. I was humbled and felt pretty dumb until Angel shared that he also did not discover this little "trick" for quite some time.

So how do you exit Edit Mode?  Two ways:

First way is to click the Select icon on the Utility Bar (by the way, the black strip across the top of your InfraWorks window is called the Utility Bar).

The second way is to right-click an object and select Exit Edit Mode.

Once I was able to "turn on" the tooltips, I really started looking at how they work - and they're amazing! They are fully customizeable and can display all kinds of useful and interesting data.  I hope to post some details on that sometime soon.

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