Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Subassembly Lockout

This post has been up for awhile and nobody has given an answer to the riddle, so it's time for me to do it.  Scroll to the bottom to see what's going on.

Here's a Civil 3D riddle for you.  This one fell under the category of things that make me go hmmmmm.  I was trying to add a subassembly and kept getting this error:

Then I was getting a weird ghosted image of a subassembly that was not properly aligned with the assembly base point.

When I tried to erase the subassembly, it wouldn't erase.  It was like it was there - but not there; some kind of subassembly limbo.  However, I could attempt to attach another subassembly to it and Civil 3D would recognize its existence but give me this error:

I eventually discovered the answer, but for fun I want to see if anyone else knows.  Comment if you know what's going on.

Answer: The current layer is locked - there you have it!

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