Monday, July 15, 2013

Getting Started with InfraWorks - Part 5: Sharing with the World

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In this final post of the series, I'd like to take a look at how to share your InfraWorks creation with the world - even someone who doesn't have InfraWorks.

I'll start by creating a Scenario.  This begins by clicking the Scenarios button on the Present ribbon tab.

This opens the Scenarios palette where I can click the Green plus sign to create a new scenario - here I give the scenario a name.

Next, I'll choose the area that I want to include in the scenario by using the BBox (bounding box option).

The user interface is similar here to what we saw in Part 3 when setting the model extent.

There are more settings here, but for now, let's just focus on getting something published that can be viewed by the masses.  I'll click OK to finish creating the scenario.

Then I'll pick the scenario and click the Publish to Autodesk Infraworks 360 button.

You need to have an Infraworks 360 account which is available if you are on subscription (I think) or if you have purchased Infrastructure Design Suite Ultimate.  Within this account you create and assign groups. To make your creation visible to everyone, be sure to check the Make Public option. Choose a group and click Publish.

After your scenario is finished publishing, you can go to the Collaborate ribbon tab and click the Online Scenarios button. On this screen you'll find an Open In Web Browser feature.

Anyone can use this URL to view your scenario in a web browser.


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