Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Getting the Look you Want in InfraWorks - Part 1: Using the Style Palette

If you're like me, the out-of-the-box stuff is never quite what you want.  So a good customization system is a must, in my book, for just about any software.  InfraWorks is no different, and almost immediately after I started working with it, I went in search of how to tweak things to get the look I wanted.

Here's a look at doing that for roads.

Awhile ago I posted this and showed how to create a road.  This is a pretty frumpy looking road, so how do we get it looking a little nicer?

To get started, I'll open the Style Palette.  The command to open it is found on the Home tab of the ribbon.

This opens the Style Palette window which has lots of tabs.  By the way, you can double-click the top part of the Style Palette to dock and undock it.

I'll click the Roads tab revealing a bunch of road styles.  Then I just drag and drop a style from the palette to the road.

After doing this, the road is completely transformed.

A beautiful road, but not exactly what I wanted to represent a 2-lane rural road so I'll try a few more choices...



Not quite...Well, next time we'll look at creating custom styles to get closer to the look you're going for.


  1. Will you be adding the Ship Hotel and the Shot Factory?

    Marion Z

    1. That is a great idea! I'll see what I can do. Say hi to Henry for me.