Friday, June 14, 2013

Autodesk's First Ever Workflow-Based Certification

This could be a game-changer!  Autodesk has announced a new training and certification program that is not based on a product, but on a workflow that involves multiple products.  This is a first and it will be very exciting to see how it is received by the industry.  The new certification is called Roads & Highways Workflows using Infrastructure Design Suite 2014.

Check out the article here:

To me this is a breath of fresh air.  Too often we are presented with feature-function demonstrations and training.  In the real world, a person or a design team doesn't use all of the features and functions of a single product.  Instead, that user or team cuts a swath through several products to achieve a desired goal or to complete a certain type of project.  The roads & highways workflow that is addressed in this program cuts its swath through Infraworks, Civil 3D, Navisworks, 3ds Max, Revit, Autodesk 360 and possibly other products.  It sometimes loops back and covers a product a second time.  For example, the workflow begins in Infraworks with preliminary design, passes through Civil 3D for detailed design, and then back to Infraworks for some visualization of the final design.

Here is the link to the official Autodesk certification page for Roads & Highways, if you're interested.

There is also a great audio interview on ConnectPress with Autodesk's Catherine Palmer.  Here are the highlights:

  • Autodesk has been certifying users in individual products for a while now, this is the first of its kind that addresses multiple products.
  • Based on Infrastructure Design Suite Ultimate 2014
  • Exam is taken at authorized Autodesk testing centers
  • Ascent has created a book which matches the certification exam and can be used for preparation
  • Goal of program is to create and sustain a BIM-ready workforce
  • Potential employers have indicated that they're looking for BIM competent employees
  • Focus on BIM for Roads and Highways because it is needed so badly in that industry - Road design is still very 2D and not BIM-based.
  • Tools for radical improvement are out there (Infraworks)
  • Exam is about 40 questions
  • If you pass, you will have a "Certified BIM Specialist" credential - first of its kind.
  • A "badge" e-mail signature, LinkedIn profile, etc.
  • Firms will want to market their numbers of BIM-certified staff members
  • Hopefully other workflow-based BIM certification programs will follow
  • Autodesk's BIM leadership goes beyond providing software


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