Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Creating a Minimum Cover Profile in Civil 3D

I was working with the new pressure pipe features in Civil 3D 2013 and I realized I wanted to do something:  I wanted to create a profile that represented 3.5 feet below my existing ground profile.  I thought - simple, I'll just use the profile copy command to copy it and then drop it down 3.5'  Not going to happen with a surface profile - most of the commands are greyed out, including the ones I need.

So - what to do?  Turns out you can temporarily change the profile from dynamic to static, make the copy, then change it back to dynamic.  The link below is a video showing what I did.

After doing this, I realized that I could have also made a "Cover" surface by creating a new surface, pasting in my EG, and then lowering it 3.5'  Then I could sample the Cover surface and show it in my profile view.  Actually a better solution since it will work anywhere - meaning I can move the pipes and alignments around and the "cover line" will always be accurate.  This solution is shown in the link below: