Monday, July 9, 2012

Don't Forget the Shoulders

Lisa Pohlmeyer asked me to post this on her behalf.  Thanks Lisa!  Nice find!

When the Superelevation is calculated for the alignment in a drawing, the shoulder control parameters are often overlooked, because you may not often use them.
Defining the superelevation is the only place you can specify the shoulder controls, NOT later. If you don’t specify shoulder controls, there’s no column in the tabular editor to modify them later.

The dialog box looks like this when you don’t apply shoulder controls (there’s no column for the shoulders):

If you specify 0 for the typical shoulder width, at least you’ll have that control later.  The effect of not setting the control is that your shoulder sub-assembly will not follow the super, even if you tell it to.  The dialog for setting the shoulder controls:

Now you have control over the shoulders:

If you don’t have shoulder controls and you need them, you have two options:

1.       Recalculate your superelevations for the entire alignment

2.       Modify the sections in the section editor.

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