Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Interactive Terrain Shaping - Feature Lines and Bounded Planes

Discovered something today that I wanted to get in the blog before I forgot about it.

Question: What happens to a feature line when you use it to create a bounded plane?
Answer: Nothing.  The feature line keeps its original elevations while it is used to determine the horizontal outline of the bounded plane.  The bounded plane has its own elevation(s) independent of the feature line.

Question:  OK, then...what about when the bounded plane is used as the infill of a cut or fill grid?
Answer:  Well, in that case the feature line adopts the elevation of its bounded plane.  In fact, in the current version of the ITS software, if you try to edit the elevations of a feature line when it has been adopted by a fill grid, the software will crash.

Do you have conversations with yourself like this sometimes?

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