Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Interactive Terrain Shaping - The Add Fill Command

In an earlier post I talked about using fundamental ITS elements to create a building pad.  I highly recommend that you read that post and try to duplicate the steps before continuing into this one.  If not, you might be able to get ITS do do something but you might not have a full understanding of what it's doing.

Anyway, in that earlier post  I used a 7-step process to model a building pad in fill.  By using the Add Fill command I can automate steps 5 and 6 to make it a bit easier.

Here goes:

  1. After creating the work canvas and bounded plane, I'll launch the Fill command on the ITS ribbon.
  2. The prompts are identical to step 5 in the other post, it'll ask me for the feature line, the grading side, the infill grid, and then let me enter the slope in a dialog box.
  3. When I click OK, is when it automatically rolls in step 6.  It performs the Top Envelope command and automatically and adds itself to the finished grid.
This is an example of how the ITS commands combine and automate the creation of fundamental elements.  In fact, if you read the ITS Users Manual, each command has a section called Behind the Scene Operations that explains what's going on.  In this case, it says the following about the Add Fill command:

Behind the Scene Operations
  • Drapes the footprint on selected infill grid if selected.
  • Creates a fill grid
  • Combines the fill grid with finished grid using Top Envelope operation.

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  1. This was a huge help... Thanks for posting with the screen grabs.

    - Jackie
    AlphaPoint Technology