Friday, January 20, 2012

You're Not A Failure No Matter What AIM Says

Came across this today and thought I'd share.  I was trying to add a raster image in Autodesk Infrastructure Modeler and it was giving me a complex by throwing up this "Data Source Failure" error:
At first, I assumed that there was something wrong with the file.  I tried a few other random files but still got the same result.  Then I dug a little deeper and discovered the Clip To Model Extent setting.
You can get to this setting by right-clicking the image data source, then selecting Configure.
Then, on the Raster tab you'll find it in the top left corner.
Once I unchecked this box, AIM allowed the image to come in without any errors but I couldn't see it.  Why?  Because my assumption about what coordinate system the image was configured to was incorrect.  I was trying to clip the image to a model extent that was not within the image...hence the error.  I would like to see this error be a little more descriptive in the future.  Like maybe "The image does not overlap the model", or "You've got the wrong coordinate system, Dillweed".  Maybe we'll see that improvement in a new release?

I'd like to show you a successful result with the image in place, but now that I've gotten past the error, I'm trying to get to a point where I can actually get the image in and see it.  Maybe I'll blog about that later??

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