Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Daylight Rounding

OK, so once again I'm bearing my soul about something I should have known but didn't because I'm thinking; if it happened to me, it happened to someone else and hopefully that person will read this.
Anyway, at the Subassembly Composer sneak peek yesterday I inquired about Daylight Rounding.  I asked if it was a feature available only in the SAC?  It was brought to my attention by the illustrious Nick Zeeben that, to my surprise, it's been in Civil 3D since like 2009!  Luckily I've been doing this too long to get embarrassed about such a thing so I chalked it up as one of those hmmmm moments.
Anyway, if you're clueless about this feature, like I was, you'll find it as an option in all (I'm assuming all, I didn't check every one) of the daylight subassemblies.

So the way to apply it is pretty simple (these values are based on the BasicSideSlopeCutDitch subassembly BTW):

  • First, say Yes to rounding by choosing Circular or Parabolic for the Rounding Option instead of None
  • Choose Length or Radius as the Rounding Parameter by choosing either option beside Rounding By
  • Enter a value for the Rounding Parameter (length or radius)
  • Enter a value for Rounding Tessellation - another case where you can't really draw a curve in Civil 3D so you have to tell AutoCAD how to break it up.
Once you've done all that you should see some nice, rounded daylighting in section view...

And those little hooks on your contours that everyone loves so much

So to make myself feel better I've decided that I didn't know about this because when it comes to daylighting, I like to keep it as simple as possible and usually try to get by with LinkSlopeToSurface (which has no Rounding option).  Frankly I think Civil 3D needs a simple daylight subassembly that has no ditches, linings, alternate slopes, bells, or whistles. It just daylights using one of two slopes: cut or fill.  Maybe call it DaylightICanUseWithoutGettingAHeadache. Can I get an "amen"?

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  1. I was looking at this today wondering what this was all about... then I stumbled across your page here. Thanks!