Friday, June 3, 2011

It's Finally Here!

After nearly 8 months, I have finally held the book in my hand.  In fact, by the time I got around to writing this post, I had already taught a class with it! Of course I knew the contents of the book but now that I've touched it and looked at every page, I'm very impressed by its quality and very proud to have been involved in the project.  The back and front cover images are quite stunning, the feel of the paper says pure quality, and the images inside are crisp and clean...and COLOR!

Pure luck would have it that a group of college and high school students would be joining us to begin their internships one day after the book became available for order.  I don't have proof but I'd be willing to bet that they were the first class to use the book and I was the first instructor.
So let me be the first to provide a review for the book and assess its use in a class was great!  I was very pleased with the match between the difficulty of the material and the students.  The students had little to no trouble completing the exercises, some of which we did together, and others they did on their own.  There were essentially no issues with the drawing files (must admit I was a bit nervous about that - a lot of moving parts) and the many sidebars and margin notes were useful in providing some background info to go along with the Civil 3D nuts and bolts.  Overall I can honestly say that I'm very pleased with how this book came out.
Of course, I didn't produce this book by myself  - there are many who deserve the credit.  In the Acknowledgments I recognize just a few of the folks at Wiley/Sybex that made this book possible along with others who helped along the way.  It truly was a team effort.  I'd mention names here but I know I wouldn't be able to stop and would end up rewriting the Acknowledgments all over again.
Thanks for letting me share my excitement about finally completing this project.  It really was a great feeling to see and touch the book in printed form.  In fact, it was so special to me that I started to open the box and then stopped, hauled it out to my car, drove it home, and opened it with my family.  It was a special day that I was so happy to be able to share with them.


  1. Eric:

    Congratulations one your book! I imagine that you are fantastically excited!

    I will have to be sure and pick up a copy for my office!

    - KFD -

  2. I just received my copy of it. Well done! I haven't read the entire thing yet but what I have seen so far I like.

  3. Can you send me an autographed copy? :)

  4. C3DCougar: It would be worth less because someone wrote in it :)

  5. Eric,
    I'll take copy wrapped in plastic with your autograph on a note card. Good job on the book.

  6. ok. That´s good ERIC iam from angola but iam fascinating with books related to civil 3D. by this time i will get in contact with a friend in brasil in order to buy a civil 3d book essencials to me. keep on writing...