Friday, June 10, 2011

How Suite Is It?

Recently Autodesk Infrastructure Design Suite became available and I'm assuming you all got a "nudge" from your reseller to opt in before the deadline.  After getting the low-down it really seemed like a no-brainer to me.  A whole lotta software for not a whole lot more $$.  With IDS Premium we now have a matching license of NavisWorks Simulate and 3DS Max to go along with our Civil 3D licenses.  Of course the Autodesk website lists a bunch of other stuff but when it comes down to it, if you're a Civil 3D customer on subscription, you're already getting all of that except the Navis and 3DS Max.
So why did I post this?  Well, to let you know it's a good deal...if it is.  Or to have folks out there tell me (and the rest of us) that I'm missing something...if I did.  Feel free to provide a comment to help us all feel more at ease about the decision to opt in.


  1. We're debating this at my company right now. The only possible gotcha we're not sure about is "What happens a year from now when Autodesk decides that they've undervalued their suites, and decide to jack up the subscription pricing?"

    We asked our reseller if there was any sort of price guarantee, but of course there isn't. I personally wouldn't expect a price hike but it is still a possibility.

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