Thursday, June 30, 2011

AU Bound!

Got my notification yesterday and I'll be teaching four classes.  Hope to see you all there!

CI5241: Islands in the Asphalt - Parking Lot Grading for Commercial Site Projects
Parking lot grading is one of the most daunting tasks for a commercial site design project. Knowing the right tricks and techniques is crucial if you want to build models quickly and accurately and be able to modify them easily. In this class we'll explore industry-proven design techniques that will result in stunning designs that are accurate, dynamic, and extremely useful in many aspects of the project.

CI5251: Creating Custom Storm Inlets Using Part Builder
Many states have requirements for drainage inlets that are more than just a box. For example, in some states, the most common inlet types require a variable-width flow pan that cannot be modeled with the out-of-the-box parts that come with Civil 3D. In this class, I will demonstrate how to build a custom drainage inlet that goes above and beyond the parts that come with Civil 3D.

CM5262: Training Your Users with No Training Budget
Times are tough and companies are having a hard time justifying the cost of training. On the other hand, as a CAD Manager it is your responsibility to ensure that your users are trained in the tools that they use. What if you could provide the training they need with little or no budget set aside for training? What if you could train them with very little impact on production? This session will give you some great ideas about how to accomplish just that. And, you may find that some new approaches to training not only reduce the cost of training, but also provide better results.

CM5272: CAD Standards vs. Office Politics - Winning the Battle
Are office politics getting in the way of the CAD standards that you know your company or organization needs? Take it from someone who knows, the successful implementation of CAD standards has much more to do with people than it does with technology. In this class we'll explore how to defuse typical sources of resistance that prevent good standards from happening. You'll be surprised by how a few simple techniques can get your company where it needs to be.

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