Thursday, March 17, 2011

Musical Alignments

Here's the have a sanitary sewer manhole at the junction of two trunk lines.  You'd like to show it on SAN1's profile with SAN1 stationing and SAN2's profile with SAN2 stationing.
How is this possible when you can only assign one alignment to a structure?
Maybe you already know this but I was humbled to find out that the Reference Alignment setting is a label-by-label setting rather than a structure setting!  You can click a label and change it right in the Properties window.  It turns out that the Reference Alignment property tied to the structure is more of a default that can be overridden within the properties of the label.
Until I discovered this, I had told a few people that it couldn't be done...that they'd have to manually label the station in one profile or the other...oops!  Now fess up...did you know about this or not?


  1. Really nice, thanks. I'll check to see if this can be left blank if there is no 2nd/3rd alignment reference. Would be nicer than multiple styles based on number of incoming lines.

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  3. Thanks for the comment, John. I checked it out (in r2010) and it can't be left blank. It is either set to [default] or an actual alignment. In structure properties you can set the Reference Alignment value to [none] but this will produce the dreaded question marks in the label.